Global Victors is a Co-Commerce platform. It’s a business model where commerce is driven by and for the community. It integrate direct selling & e-commerce to promote collaborative selling and community building. Individuals can earn money online by leveraging their social networks to promote and sell products, emphasizing community-driven business success.

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About Us

Global Victors (GV) is a company based in Nepal that produces and market exclusive skin care, hair care, personal care & health products in nepal. We operate through our unique concept, encouraging independent Global Victors Business Owners (GBOs) to use and retail our high-quality products.

GV provides with supportive staff and management, excellent products, and a competitive marketing plan to our GBOs. Our aim is to enhance the lives of both product users and GBOs, offering equal opportunities for success to those committed to the program. Unlike other business ventures, there's little financial risk for GBOs as no large investment is needed, and we have a generous buy-back policy. While currently in Nepal, our vision is to expand globally in the coming years.

Our Superior's Testimonial

Global Victors offers exceptional personal development skills, high-quality organic products, and clear career path guidance. Their holistic approach has significantly enhanced my growth and well-being. I highly recommend Global Victors for anyone seeking comprehensive support in advancing both their personal and professional life.

Rabi basnet

I highly recommend Global Victors for its exceptional natural products and life-changing platform for youths. Their products are free from harmful chemicals, and their online training and mentorship programs help young people discover their hidden talents and gain valuable experience in leadership. Overall, Global Victors is a great platform for making positive life changes.

Purna Bahadur Bista

I highly recommend Global Victors! Their online training and mentorship programs have helped me develop new skills and become confident. Their natural and organic health and beauty products are effective and affordable. Overall, Global Victors is the best platform for self-development, public speaking, and youth empowerment.

Kiran Tamang