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What is Global Victors

Global Victors Pvt. Ltd. is a prestigious co-commercial company based in Kathmandu, Nepal, offering exclusive privileges to GV Affiliates. Specializing in natural beauty products and authentic Nepalese fashion wear, they foster a supportive co-commerce community, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. Join their journey towards success and prosperity today.

As a Global Victors Affiliate, you gain exclusive privileges and embark on a transformative co-commerce journey. Our primary focus is fostering a thriving community of like-minded individuals sharing a vision for growth and prosperity. We firmly believe that your dedication and hard work will be rewarded with substantial remuneration.

Our Superior's Testimonial

We are passionate about what we do and aim for continuous improvement and growth. Global Victors, the place that has changed my life. Admiring the aesthetic environment, comfortable workspace, corporate culture, and ethical standards of our company is a sentiment I hold dearly. I’m impressed by the organization's consistent efforts, it regularly upgrades of newly launched products, working patterns, and systems to enhance the well-being of candidates and meet evolving customer needs. Overall, I genuinely value the commitment to acknowledging and commemorating achievements, regardless of their magnitude, while prioritizing fairness and equity in actions is a core principle of the organization.

Surakshya Bhattarai

I highly recommend Global Victors for its exceptional natural products and life-changing platform for youths. Their products are free from harmful chemicals, and their online training and mentorship programs help young people discover their hidden talents and gain valuable experience in leadership. Overall, Global Victors is a great platform for making positive life changes.

Purna Bahadur Bista

I highly recommend Global Victors! Their online training and mentorship programs have helped me develop new skills and become confident. Their natural and organic health and beauty products are effective and affordable. Overall, Global Victors is the best platform for self-development, public speaking, and youth empowerment.

Kiran Tamang